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Which 360 Photo Booth Dimensions Size Should You Purchase?

Which 360 Photo Booth Dimensions Size Should You Purchase?

Which 360 photo booth dimensions size should you purchase? Size matters; the size difference could make or break your business. The 360 Photo booth has taken the event industry by the storm and has gotten a lot of people interested in the 360 Photo booth Rental Business. Why should you care about the 360 Photo booth size differences, you might say?

Let's first discuss what different sizes the 360 Photo Booth comes in?

26 inches 360 Photo Booth (68 cm) 

- When it comes to 360 Photo booth sizes comparison, the 26 inches is the smallest size, and it can only hold one person at a time, maybe two kids under the age of 10. This size is also the cheapest. The Price can range anywhere from $2000-$2500. This specific size has minimal space, and it's not great for the 360 photo booth rental business. You'll have difficulty getting booked for events.

31.5 inches 360 Photo Booth (80 cm)

-This is the Medium Size, and it can hold a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 3 people. Have a weight limit of around 600 lbs; the Price ranges anywhere around $2800 - $3250. The 31.5 inches 360 Photo Booth is perfect for anyone who doesn't plan to do huge events; it has a good amount of space for at least two people to create unique experiences for your guests. 

40 inches 360 Photo Booth(100 cm)

-This is a Large Size, and it can hold a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people and have a weight limit of 800 lbs. The Price ranges anywhere from around $3150 - $3500. If you plan to expand your rental photo booth business, this size is the right size for you. 

45 inches 360 Photo Booth (115 cm)

-This is the Extra Large, and it can hold a minimum of 4 people; maximum of 6 people have a weight limit of 1000 lbs. The Price can range anywhere from $4000 - $5000. This particular size is big and makes it challenging to move it around; because of the size, I wouldn't suggest purchasing this one unless you have a partner that will help you move it around. 

So now the question is, which one should you purchase for your 360 Photo Booth Rental Business?

The Best 360 Photo booth Size To Purchase:

If you plan to purchase the 360 Photo booth for rental business, go with the 40 inches. Most people tend not to do enough research on the 360 Photo booth sizes difference because it's s very hard to visualize over pictures. Honestly, it comes down to the two of the best sizes: the 31.5 inches and 40 inches 360 Photobooth. Here is a video that compares the two best sizes you can purchase.

 360 Photo Booth Size differences:



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