360 PHOTO BOOTH - 5 Safety Guidelines

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Safety in the work environment is crucial; not having clear safety guidelines could cause many headaches, from injuries to lawsuits. The 360 Photo Booth comes in various heavy sizes from its weight to its dimensions, making it tricky to move around without a safety guideline. This guideline is made to prevent injuries, reduce costs and headaches, and improve the work environment. 

Please take every precaution necessary when moving the 360 Photo Booth around; These guidelines are made to insist you in helping to create your safety guidelines. 


Caster Wheels 

The caster wheels on the 360 photo booth carry case/flight case should last a long time, but they will start to wear off over time, making it very unsafe. The caster wheels also have the option to be able to lock and unlock to constrain movements; make sure to unlock the wheels before moving them around. The caster wheels are effortless to replace if necessary; you can find the parts required at Lowes or Home Depot. Below, we attached two pictures showing the correct condition the wheels should be in. 

360 Photo Booth

Pushing Up or Down the hills 

When moving the 360 Photo Booth, it is crucial to push from the right angle, as not doing so can cause it to tilt and lose its balance.

Please refer to the pictures below for more visual instructions. The 360 Photo Booth comes in various sizes; it can be tough to push up or down steep hills. During this time, it’s best to get 2nd hand help as the 360 photo booth is heavy, and you can lose control quickly. Also, make sure the surface is even and flat, as putting the 360 photo booth on an unstable surface could cause it to tilt and lose its balance.

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Opening and Closing The Carry Case

Before opening the 360 photo booth carry case/flight case, use the two handles on the top to lay it flat on the surface.  Once it’s properly placed flat on the surface, you can go ahead and open the latches; when finished with your event, it’s crucial to make sure the carry case/flight case is properly closed with the latches before standing it up straight on its wheels. 


During An Event 

During this time, it is essential that you stay alert at all times; attending events is always fun, and it’s understandable why everyone would like to have fun.  Most of the time, there is much movement going on, and even alcohol is involved sometimes; during this time, it’s essential not to let anyone who is intoxicated step onto the 360 photo booth as they could get hurt themself and damage the photo booth. Please be clear with your instructions on when people need to step on the 360 photo booth and when to step off because you will have some people try to step off as the 360 photo booth is still moving.  Whenever you are operating around kids, it’s essential to give them clear instructions on when to step onto the 360 photo booth.


Create Checklist

Let’s now create a checklist for you and your team. A checklist is essential as the 360 Photo Booth has so many complex parts you need to remember; creating these checklists can help you avoid forgetting certain items you need to bring to an event. We recommend creating three different checklists; the first one can consist of General safety guidelines for your team, the second checklist can be on items you need to bring to an event, such as making sure you have a fully charged battery for the ring light, the 3rd checklist can be after the event is done you want to make sure you don’t leave any of your equipment behind. 

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