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How Does iPad Photo Booth Work?

An iPad photo booth frequently consists of a tablet device (such as an iPad) running a specialized photo booth application (Any Photo Booth App). There are several photo booth apps that are available, as photo booth apps have become a popular trend in recent years due to the increasing popularity of smartphone and tablet photography.

photo booth party
photo booth party
iPad Photo boothiPad Photo Booth


Our iPad Photo Kiosk come equipped with an adjustable light that offers unparalleled versatility in creating the perfect lighting conditions for your photographs. The bi-color temperature ring light provides you with control over both the brightness and the color temperature, enabling you to fine-tune the lighting to exactly match your desired effect. With its adjustable range from warm 3000K to white 5800K and brightness from 1% to 100%, you can enjoy superior lighting for all your photo booth shoots. Additionally, its high-color rendering provides natural and accurate colors, making sure that your photographs come out looking just right.

iPad photo booth ring light
ipad photo booth ring light

Whether you want to capture a full-length portrait or a close-up shot, you can easily tilt and rotate the iPad Photo Booth stand to a desired angle to get the perfect picture every time.

photo booth partyphoto booth party
ipad photo booth ring light
RGB multi color

The LCD display on the back of the device offers a convenient way to monitor brightness and color temperature for efficient operation during events. Its RGB-colored backlight adds an exciting, creative flair with a full 360° spectrum of colors and 17 dynamic lighting modes to make your event stand out from the rest. You can choose from static colors or cycling options to create a unique visual atmosphere.

Black iPad Photo Booth
Black iPad Photo Booth


iPad Photo Booths for sale - find your perfect fit, Are you looking for the perfect way to add some excitement, entertainment and fun to your upcoming event or business venture? Our Photo Booth Kiosk is the ideal solution! Its modern design, superior quality construction and customizable logo options make it an ideal choice for any special occasion.

ipad photo booth with ring light
ipad photo booth with ring light


This unique feature allows it to rotate in a circular motion to 360 degrees, you will love the convenience of switching between vertical and horizontal photo modes with ease. This feature is ideal for taking panoramic shots, or in cramped areas where creative composition is essential. With this feature, you can perfectly adjust the parameters of your photograph to get that perfect shot; cropping, adjusting the angle and brightness, setting


Our flight case has been specifically designed to provide maximum protection and is crafted using top-grade plywood, making it robust enough to survive the wear and tear of traveling. Not only that, but the flight case also comes with two built-in wheels which make it incredibly easy to transport across long distances; no need to worry about finding a trolley or lifting heavy weights.

photo booth party


Our Portable Photo Booth models are compatible with any iPad and are the perfect addition to any event and offer a truly immersive photo experience. The LCD Screen iPad Photo Booth stands out from the competition with its high-definition LCD screen, allowing users to enjoy videos, connect to WiFi, and download apps for an all-encompassing event. Additionally, our Standard iPad Photo Booths for sale offers complete customization with your logo or branding and social media links, making it an excellent choice for corporate events.




The Lcd iPad Photo Booth is a fantastic way to capture memories and have fun with friends and family. Not only can you take amazing pictures with the touch of a button, but you also have the added convenience of connecting to WiFi with just a few simple taps. This opens up a world of new possibilities for users to get creative download apps and make their photo booth experience even more enjoyable!

LCD iPad Photo Booth

Video Display




The LCD Photo Booth is a revolutionary product that allows you to get up close and personal with your audience. It offers a stunning, high-resolution video display capability, with a resolution of 540X1920 allowing for incredibly precise and clear visuals that are perfect for trade shows, product demonstrations and other important occasions.

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The team at Rote8 was awesome to work with.. they answered all of my questions.. even met me in ATL to deliver my platform(I was in the area for an event).

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Boosting brand recognition and booking more events is made much easier with our cost effective photo booth solution. We give you the opportunity to fully customize the kiosk with your brand or logo, social media accounts, and contact information making it easily identifiable to potential customers. It's a great way for them to connect with you and get to know your business better.

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Frequently Asked

Please note that an iPad is not included with purchasing our photo booth kiosk; customers will need to purchase their own iPad as it is not offered as part of the photo booth kiosk package.

We highly recommend the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Its large screen size makes it the perfect choice for displaying high-resolution photos and videos clearly and crisply. These features include a powerful processor, excellent camera capabilities, a long battery life, and a durable design, making it well-suited for busy event settings.

We highly recommend Touchpix. This app has a lot of experience in the photo booth industry and offers a wide range of features that will enhance the overall experience of using a photo booth.

Having a photo booth kiosk at your event can create a fun and interactive way to entertain your guests. It's a great way to capture memories and make a lasting impact on your attendees. Not only does it create a fantastic experience for your guests, but it can also be a great way to promote your brand or event.

We offer free branding and logo customization on our standard iPad photo booth. This means you can add your company's logo or event details to the photo templates at no additional cost.

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Are you searching for a unique and interactive way to capture memories at your events? Look no further! As a leading photo booths manufacturer, we offer two top-of-the-line iPad Booths models for sale, compatible with any iPad. The LCD Screen iPad Photo Booth boasts a high-definition LCD screen, allowing users to play videos, connect to WiFi, and download apps for a truly immersive experience. And the Standard iPad Photo Booth offers the bonus of complete customization with your logo or branding at no extra cost